Every so often, I’d hear about the store Suicide Gurls. Curiosity finally got the better of me and I wandered over there a few days ago.

All I can say is: “Why have I not been here yet??”

Whenever you are looking for something a bit odd, a bit on the dark side, and a bit – okay, very – original, this is one of the main places you should check out. And if you are just looking for something cool to wear? Suicide Gurls has that, too!



Now this is a sexy dress, something that can be dressed up or down, however you feel like that day. You can wear it with stilettos, with combat boots, with Converse hi-tops. Wear your pearls or drape a tumbled stone necklace that reaches your navel. Anything! And what’s even better? This dress isn’t only this gorgeous shade of purple. Nope! There’s white, black, gray, maroon, blue, purple, and pink. Four tribal-style patterns in various colorways. Two plaids. And one beautiful blue-to-violet ombre I’m falling in love with.

Oh, and don’t forget the eyeshadow… also by Suicide Gurls! Three different color combinations that simply light up your face.


What did I pair the dress with?? Oooh, some boots I’ve been waiting to wear, from Sweet Tea! I grabbed these Georgetown boots awhile back, but never seemed to have an occasion to wear them. And when worn with the Sweet Tea Fishnets and Lace stockings? Score!


An oddball in a lonely place is how I felt that day. Not lonely myself, just looking back at my timey-wimey Gothic-ishy past.


The chairs wait patiently, too.


dress: Fjord – Suicide Gurls

boots: Georgetown Boots – Sweet Tea Couture

choker: Satine Choker (bought at the Fetish Fair 2017) – :::NOIR:::

eye makeup: Akira Eyeshadow III – Suicide Gurls

hair: HF4 – LeLutka

skin: Katra skin [ America ] Clean B – Glam Affair –

hands: Bento hands by Vista

nails: 1964 Thunderbird – DaneMarkz


photos taken at Furillen



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