Verr Wool And Snow

Hilda, a great kirtle by Arachne, is featured right now at the Alchemy Event. If you’re unsure what this is, you aren’t alone – it’s what is worn by bond-maids in Torvaldsland when RPing in Gor. Good ones that match what is described in the books are not that easy to come by, but Seonaid uses her creativity and skills to bring all sorts of “by the book” outfits to life, including this!

Since most people associate Torvaldsland with snow (though they just have brutal winters – not snow all year round), I searched until I found snow! I know, I do blend in a bit as I am wearing the PG version of the white kirtle…

2016 06 20 Arachne Hilda kirtle PG white_001


You can purchase this outfit in white or black, PG or with nipples showing. The bodice is shirt and pants layers for classic avatars, plus you get an Omega applier HUD for mesh bodies. The prim flexi skirt is mod, but you already get one for slender fit and one for a curvier fit. If you fill out the shape information included and send it back to Seonaid, she will custom fit things for you, too. For free!

To add to this and change it all up a bit, you can purchase the Hilda corset in green, black, blue, white, yellow, purple, pink, and red. There are two different ponchos for when colder weather strikes, one has black trim and the other white, and they are color-change in those same colors. Mesh boots for tromping through the snow, black and white, are also available, and they have color-change cuffs, too. Last but not least, Arachne offers a headband, earrings, and bangles, to dress up your kirtle a bit!

Now off to join in some fun RP somewhere up north!

The Alchemy Event runs from the first through the twentieth of each month – go check it out!


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