A Chance To Do Good – Fashionably!

The past two months have been a wild ride of good and not-so. You know the pirate ship rides at amusement parks, the ones that swing waaaay to one side and then swing waaaay to the other? That’s kind of what it’s felt like.

It was nice to be handed a lovely earring and necklace set by Quix at Semi-Precious to blog! I love her stuff, and this one is for a great cause: to aid the people left homeless and displaced from the Ft. McMurray fire in Alberta, Canada. Models Giving Back is having a fundraiser to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross to help these people regain their lives. From May 15 through May 31, The Courage Event is taking place, and one of the great items you can purchase is the Mae Necklace & Earrings, which comes with a HUD so you can change the metal, and the bead colors – and Quix always donates 100% of the sale to the charity!

2016 05 27 Nephilim Harley_006

No, I’m not too pale, either… I am wearing a new skin from Nephilim, which you can purchase at The Alchemy Event in June! It’s called Serenity – Harley, and yes, it’s a grayish tinge. The lips are gray, too, but the pack comes with brilliant red lips that totally stand out in a delicious shock of color. Different lip colors also work seamlessly with this skin, as I found out – I love this! And how perfect is it to lounge in [Valkyrja] Forest Shelter by Angelic Designs? (I have now tried for twenty minutes to add a link, both with their builder AND in regular HTML, and the pasted link disappears. Please look up the shop inworld – it’s worth it!)

2016 05 27 Nephilim Harley_001

Go, take a pocketful of lindens and help the Canadian Red Cross, then wind your way through June’s Alchemy Event!






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