Strolling In The Warm Sunlight…

I swear, I had the worst time trying to find a Gorean sim to take these photos at. Sure, I didn’t have to go to one of the sims, and was about to give up my search, but I’d rather do that than take more photos in my backyard.

First I went to a sim that was in the middle of an event – lots of people in one little clump. Then a couple rather n00bish-looking places. Then I found one that would have worked, but within moments of landing on the ship (from up in the sky market), a master had run over and was standing nearly on top of me, and with two lines I knew he figured I was his newest acquisition. I politely explained what I was doing, apologized, and left. Then I landed in the midst of seventeen men in a “Such-and-such Marauders”group. They were milling around, and milling, and milling. I could imagine them all on Vent, discussing who was going to do what – and then yelling at Leeeroy. (Okay, wrong game, I know. Bit that was what came to mind.)

Finally, I thought to go see what this incarnation of Lydius looks like. The builder is excellent, but I wasn’t sure they’d opened again. Totally in luck!

2016 03 11 Arachne Doce_001

Yes, I seem to have landed on a rooftop. The teleporter dropped me in mid-air, and I fell, and fell, and fell, and finally wound up here. But it was perfect!

2016 03 11 Arachne Doce_003

I’m really not the best with heights…

2016 03 11 Arachne Doce_006

I love the lightweight, flowey material of this outfit, and the hat! The hat!

2016 03 11 Arachne Doce_008

Not only do these wonderfully summery hats come with the camisk, but see the beautiful earrings? They totally match, and float around as though they’re dancing on a warm breeze.

Arachne has some seriously good deals, and even offers a “Build Your Own Fatpack” program. Plus, if you are having trouble fitting parts to your body shape, Seonaid (Celadori Sakai) will do what she can to help in the fitting, and not charge one linden. Just realize that mesh won’t work that way, and some bodies and outfits just won’t play nice with each other, no matter how hard you try.


Skin: Lara Hurley-Erin natural /Rose Pale
Makeup: Lara Hurley – face glow mid
Shape: Custom
Eyes:[ MUDSKIN ]_Miro Eyes4
Hair: little bones. Viola
Jewelry: [Arachne] Dolce Earrings
                [Arachne] Dolce Hat
                Zaara : Banjara silver choker
Outfit: [Arachne] Dolce Camisk – Blue
Hands & Feet: SLink
Nails: SLink basic nails
Poses:  (marukin) [azalea] little bee
              (marukin) [azalea] glossy gaze
              (marukin) [azalea] whispering wisp
Location: Lydius

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