Welcome To The Moulin Rouge…

The 10th Annual Clothing Fair benefitting Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society opens this Sunday, and the theme of one of the sims is Moulin Rouge, sponsored by Ever An’ Angel. Ever Courtois and Angelique Wickentower had to produce something that went along with the sim’s theme… Folies Bergeres – Lisette!  With coordinating jewelry by Quixotic Criss of Semi-Precious you’ll really need to purchase, too! (These are all EXCLUSIVE to this event, with other colors of both outfit and jewelry sets to choose from.)

Of course, as soon as I put it on, feathers floofing out behind me, I knew just where to go…. The Odeon Theatre in Berlin. I know, I know… it’s not Paris. Just pretend I was on a world tour. (And as always, click on the photos so you can see them a bit larger over on my Flickr!)

2016 03 03 EanA Lisette rfl_036mod

Treading the boards, the hot lights shining harshly. Thank goodness this outfit stays put while I dance. The ruffles and satin are a superb flashback to the days when this type of entertainment was at its height. And please – who could possibly feel drab with a peacock’s plumage spreading out like a royal train behind you?

2016 03 03 EanA Lisette rfl_033mod11

The stones lay heavy against my chest and give weight to the solid necklace, but their beauty and the perfection with which they match the outfit overrides that small bit. Actually, I like a bit of weight to my jewelry – especially since I can lose things so easily! The diadem fits my brow as though it were made for it, and the earrings are a touch of glimmer in my hair.

2016 03 03 jewelry set_006

And on my dressing table backstage… I admit, I’m not the neatest dancer that ever was, but I see that as a sign of singular creativity!

2016 03 03 EanA Lisette rfl_013mod

This may be our “SecondLife”, but it’s still our lives. We need to have fun, laugh, be silly. And we need to remember to help others whose lives include dealing with cancer. I wish it was just a heckler that the bouncers of the body could throw out on its ear, but they can’t – at least not yet. 100% of the proceeds from everything in the FFS shop of both Ever An’ Angel and Semi-Precious goes to the American Cancer Society. They will help fund the people who will learn how to bounce cancer out on its ass…terisk for good.

Isn’t that worth it?



Skin: Lara Hurley-Erin natural /Rose Pale
Makeup: Lara Hurley – face glow mid
                 Tone Expressions II – Lip Stain – Rouge
                 Tone Expressions II – Smolder Eye – Terra
Shape: Custom
Eyes:[ MUDSKIN ]_Miro Eyes4
Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * MY DAY*
Jewelry: Semi-Precious Folie Bergeres Bracelets – Lisette (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
                Semi-Precious Folie Bergeres Earrings – Lisette (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
                Semi-Precious Folie Bergeres Necklace- Lisette (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
                Semi-Precious Folie Bergeres Diadem – Lisette (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
                Zibzka – Ibis Headdress – Full Vs.
Outfit: Ever An’ Angel – Folies Bergeres – Lisette (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
Hands & Feet: Slink
Nails: Dark Passions – Koffin Nails – “Werk” The Spotlight
Shoes: erratic / ira – platform pumps / cyan gold
Hosiery: ~Cannibelle~ Plain Nylon Tights – Semi Sheer Black 2
Poses:  An lar [poses] the Helena series – four
              *EverGlow* Girls 485
              Bauhaus Movement – Chocolat/Anime 37
Location: The Odeon Theatre, The 1920s Berlin Project

4 thoughts on “Welcome To The Moulin Rouge…

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    I am not a fashion blogger by ANY sense of the imagination…and I do mean mine. But this, I can just say WOW! I can feel like I am wearing the outfit… knowing good and dog gone well this tushie won’t fit, BUT I can appreciate when it looks good on another! And as usual………..

    That is all…….

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