Stormclouds Overhead, Still I Smile

The weathermen (and women!) keep promising me sunshine and flowers. Just wait another week or two, they tell me. Springtime is almost here. The closer spring gets, though, the more I remember thunderstorms. Now, I’m fine with thunder and lightning and even really heavy rain, as long as I’m not out in it! But no tornadoes, please. Not even warnings. Not even watches. The paranoid in me goes on full alert then, and that’s just no fun.

But there’s something so cool about the air right before a thunderstorm. You can smell the rain in the air, and the atmosphere feels different… it’s heavy, and charged with energy. Even the wind seems as though its barely containing itself as it makes its way through the trees and across the plains.

2016 03 03 jewelry set_010

Those are the times I love to go lay outside on the clean grass, the earth beneath my back still harboring winter’s chill. A cotton blouse and form-fitting skinny jeans of soft denim make the perfect duo to wait for the storm in. That must mean Ever An’ Angel.

2016 03 03 jewelry set_012

How utterly feminine – the lace at the collar and the sleeves on a rose-pink top (and if you don’t like pink, the white one comes right with it). The brass buttons and rivets. And the embroidered florals beneath the belt loops in the back and on the back pocket as well. It will definitely draw the eye as you saunter away…

2016 03 03 jewelry set_024

As if that wasn’t feminine enough, just add these filigree earrings and matching necklace from Semi-Precious. (You might wish to click on the image above to see it in better detail at my Flickr page.) The dangling stone is changeable – 27 different stones to match pretty much anything you’d pair these with.

2016 03 03 EanA Flirt RFL exclusive

Then there’s the makeup, which is a group gift from Ever An’ Angel, only at the 10th Annual Clothing Fair benefitting Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society beginning tomorrow. I love the lip stain, a hint of color teasing the eye – was there more before you were kissed? So inviting… And the beautiful cat eye outlined in silvery white, brightening your water line and just bringing a pow to anyone you direct your gaze at.

2016 03 03 jewelry set_017

100% of the proceeds from this outfit at Ever An’ Angel and the necklace and earring set at Semi-Precious goes to the American Cancer Society through Relay For Life. Every little bit helps! Every purchase you make, every donation you place in one of the kiosks, every linden is like a raindrop: just a few might not seem like much, but when they come together, it’s a deluge. Let’s help drown the evil that is cancer and wash it out of existence for good!





Skin: Lara Hurley-Erin natural /Rose Pale
Makeup: Lara Hurley – face glow mid
                 Tone Expressions II – Combo Eye – Fraise GROUP GIFT (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
                 Tone Expressions II – Lip Stain – Fraise GROUP GIFT (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
Shape: Custom
Eyes:[ MUDSKIN ]_Miro Eyes4
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Anouk (short hair)
           *ARGRACE* Akane – Baby Blonde (lying down)
           *ARGRACE* HARUKA – Baby Blonde (windblown)
Jewelry: Semi-Precious Lacey Earrings (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
                Semi-Precious Lacey Necklace (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
Outfit: Ever An’ Angel – Flirt  Cropped Blouse – Pink (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
              Ever An’ Angel – Flirt Skinny Jeans – Black (EXCLUSIVE for RFL)
Hands & Feet: Slink
Nails: Veechi – Double Agent Gloss Nails
Shoes: – Laura Heels (Sunset)
Poses:  Poses in the *ARGRACE* HAKURA HUD
              Bauhaus Movement – Chocolat/Anime 41
              Bauhaus Movement – Chocolat/Anime 08
Location: My little patch of SL

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