Year of the Monkey

I used to live on Long Island, not too far from the infamous “Amityville Horror” house as a matter of fact. There weren’t many trips into Manhattan, though. The guy I was with had grown up in Lindenhurst and didn’t understand the fascination a city like that held for a girl who, only a few years before, had lived in a small farming town of 1003 people. (That included the outlying farms.)

My best friend came to visit for a week during the springtime. The guy I was with told us that we weren’t allowed to go to Manhattan. He’d already taken us and driven around for a couple hours… and got lost in the part of Harlem that at the time you just didn’t want to get lost in no matter what you looked like. That should have been enough for us, right? So he told us we could go to the mall or hang out around the house until he got home from working a shift and a half. We’re girls – we’d have enough stuff to talk about to keep ourselves amused, I guess he thought. Oh, did I mention he was around twelve years older than we were? Yeah… I think that gave him the idea he could “lay down the law’ and we’d meekly obey.

Little did he know my friend.

We waited a whole fifteen minutes after he left the house before we grabbed our purses and dashed out the door to catch the bus to the Copiague station for the train into Manhattan. We had a blast! She even called her parents from a pay phone: “Mom, guess where I am? I’m on Broadway! No, wait – ” She stepped off the curb and onto the street itself. “NOW I’m on Broadway!”

New York’s Chinatown is one place I didn’t get to see, unfortunately. But for Chinese New Year, I managed to find it in SecondLife.

2016 02 11 On9 LaVian_006mod


There were birds of some sort (duck? chicken?) hanging in the window of this establishment, so I figured it wouldn’t be your run of the mill Chinese take-out. The menu, however, was in Mandarin. I don’t read Mandarin, and the lady behind the counter seemed a bit put out that I would ask for help. Ah, well. At least I knew they’d have egg rolls, so I ordered three and went on my way.


2016 02 11 On9 LaVian_010mod

It was a nice day, so I decided to forgo the taxi and just wander the streets on foot. So many years of city air covers the buildings with a dingy veil, but to me that’s part of the charm.


2016 02 11 On9 LaVian_014mod


Oh. I don’t think I was supposed to come this way. Oh, well – no one seemed bothered at my intrusion!

Unfortunately, I couldn’t stay any longer. I had some studying to do as well as a bit of work to get done. Mrph. I’ll need to hop a train and return soon, explore more of this busy, beautiful city!



Skin: Izzie’s – Qopi skin
Makeup: 8+ //  Shadow 001 – Lavender 004 – Smokey
                 8+ // Gloss 002 – Flamingo MD+
                 8+ // Gloss 002 – Steel Blue LT+
Shape: Custom
Eyes: Ooh-la-licious Luminous Eyes 7
Glasses: Eclectica Antique Glasses- square
Hair: *ARGRACE* HITOMI – Blonde (darker blondes)
Jewelry: EarthStones Kaiya Earrings – Rain
                Zaara : Pratha silver cuff *turquoise*
Dress: Lavian&Co-BySam – Back To Sleep (for On9)
Hands & Feet: Slink
Nails: SLink Enhancement HUD (original)
Shoes: Zaara : Janya jeweled sandals  *coral- turquoise*
Location: NYC 2036 RP deutschsprachig





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