I’ve been on a sim-hopping kick lately. I think of a place or a thing, stick it in Search, and hope for the best – because with SecondLife Search, that’s really about all you can do.

This time I had a reason behind my madness. I’d just found the neatest top and skirt outfit at The London Docks (okay, I popped over there early and found a few things already set up – I didn’t mean to break any rules!) and I knew as soon as I put it on that it needed to be photographed! What was it I found that elicited such a reaction from me? Clara : Vintage Traveler – Brown by Dark Passions. There’s even a HUD with matching polish, okay?

2016 02 05 Berlin Alexanderplatz_013mod

In my hops I managed to find a wonderful place where you can board a train and travel in style to wherever you might wish. Just look for Victoria Station, but be prepared to encounter people immersed in roleplay of 1899 London.

While that was perfect for the featured image way up top, in my heart I knew I needed to go to the 1920s Berlin Project – Weimar Republic for the rest of the photos. An amazing sim built by Jo Yardley, this is an immersive historical sim set throughout the year 1929. You won’t find Nazis here – the Communists were more in the public view. (Think the May Day Riots of 1929.) At any rate, I wanted to take some shots up on the platform of the Alexanderplatz station.

2016 02 05 Berlin Alexanderplatz_010done

I do have to say that I was breaking the rules by coming into the city dressed in modern clothing and in a taller avatar. But I checked first, making sure no one else was on the sim when I did it – and that took a few tries! I ask that if you decide to come visit, please do respect the rules. For starters, you won’t fit through the doors of most places if you aren’t short enough. (It’s also how we have so much stuff on one sim!) And if you come to visit, please feel free to drop by Behrenstrasse 2, in the southeast area of the city – I live there, under the name Frau Julie Sanders.

Now, while the skirt and top might have just barely passed around someone who didn’t really know, there’s no way I could have gotten away with the shoes…

2016 02 05 Berlin Alexanderplatz feet_001mod

I loved these things! I found them at Livalle. The idea of putting shoes with USB cables together with my traveler’s dress just shouted SecondLife to me – how perfect a twist!

2016 02 05 Berlin Alexanderplatz_018mod



Skin: Izzie’s – Qopi skin
Shape: Custom
Eyes: Ooh-la-licious Luminous Eyes 7
Hair: *ARGRACE* Wide Brim Hat / ITO (darker blondes)
Jewelry: EarthStones Katya Bangles – Woodsy
                 EarthStones Simply Put Earring – Citrine
                 EarthStones Simply Put Necklace – Citrine
Dress: Dark Passions – Clara – Vintage Traveler – Brown
Hands & Feet: Slink
Nails: DP – Koffin Nails – Slink – Vintage Traveler
Shoes: {Livalle} Interface -High Strapped Heels USB- Noir (Slink)
Location: Victoria Station
                   The 1920s Berlin Project – Weimar Republic

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